Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This and That

I created this card for the monthly card club that I have. It is in honor of our Hero's who serve our country with pride. I thank you for protecting me and my family.
In the last few weeks I have experienced the nasty side of scrap booking sites and the pettiness of some people. It's sad, to think that some people are so callous and unforgiving. I will not let these acts influence me in the way I run my life. I feel that this craft is an important part of our lives to be cherished and treated with respect and dignity. We all began scrapbooking for our own personal reasons, and I love the diversity it brings. I just have no tolerance for anyone who, disrespects the craft. I am the owner of a scrapbooking site and I hope that the members feel that I am fair and honest. They are a wonderful group of ladies who deserve, not only from me but from everyone, the respect, we would give our own familes. I take my comittments to swaps and challenges seriously, and feel that they do too. If you feel that the group you belong to or use to belong to did not give you the respects you deserve please feel free to check us out. We would love to have you.
OK, I'm done. I'm off my soap box now. I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Independance holiday. And when celebrating please take a momet to remember the fallen soldiers who served to protect us.

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